Social Accountability

Rethinking social accountability in Africa

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Rethinking Social Accountability

Rethinking social accountability in Africa


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Mwananchi : Strengthening citizen engagement in Africa. Mwananchi is a dynamic platform that explores and discusses how to support ordinary citizens to hold their governments accountable and improve the delivery of public services, based on rules that work.

Mwananchi is a research, learning and sharing platform focused on improving development outcomes through greater citizen engagement and state accountability in Africa. Read more +++

State-society relationships where being answerable is key to delivering on trust-based roles and responsibilities
Where everyone has an opportunity to have a voice as part of ‘Ubunthu’, forming the basis for public decisions
High impact interventions that change the rules of the game, promote inclusion and sustainable engagement
Exposing and learning from critical examinations of external interveners’ assumptions as to how change comes about
Where the concerns of ordinary citizens form the basis for promoting local problem solving and better policies
Examining the politics of citizen-state relations in various contexts and the possible implications of external interventions

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